Why Not Africa?

10 Dec

To most Americans, Africa is a continent of third-world nations rife with civil wars, epidemic diseases, and few prospects for the future. Indeed the entirety of the 20th century in Africa has been characterized by fights for independence, civil wars, and genocide. Victories have been short-lived while struggle and strife have been pervasive and long-lasting. Outside involvement in the continent has been largely limited to humanitarian aid through NGO’s or oppressive trade deals meant to strip the continent of its resources. Both angels and demons descend upon the continent with in between.

This needs to change. With the Western world in desperate need of both resources and younger populations, Africa can fill both needs. Africa, on the other hand, is in dire need of direct foreign investment and long-term economic developement deals. These are roles the Western world can fulfill to the lasting benefit of both parties.
Africa has the oldest and richest mineral deposits in the world. This fact has been exploited by the outside world for far too long. This has fostered deep mistrust in Africa of outsiders and helped to fuel hatred that has resulted in genocide of the most heinous variety. In a world quickly running out of precious metals, minerals, and other ores, Africa seems a veritable bounty. The Western world has the technological know-how and financial capability to effectively and efficiently extract ad refine these raw materials into valuable products. Investment in both the infrastructure and the people of Africa will help to increase this efficiency and foster good relations that will lead to a better, stronger world

International cooperation will become more crucial as economies globalize. Along with this economic integration comes ever increasing levels of social integration. Instant connectivity has broken down barriers and forced culture into the marketing mix. Developing ties with regions vastly different thatn our own will not only serve to bolster our economy with resources and new ideas; it will also serve as a model to the world that we are a truly open and fair society. We must use our power and influence to set a shining example for the world. We must then help others to follow in our footsteps. The world will respect us for the good we do and the prosperity we create.

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