Obama nominates Sotomayor to Supreme Court –

26 May

Obama nominates Sotomayor to Supreme Court –

I think this nomination raises some very interesting questions. Firstly, should things like race, gender, and background play a role in nominating people to the Supreme Court? Certainly it would been seen as discriminatory to do so, however, this brings me to my second question. How should we value different perspectives on a court such as the Supreme Court? After all, isn’t the purpose of the Supreme Court merely to stand as a check against the other two branches of government and rule on the constitutionality of laws? While this is certainly one very important role of the Court, they also serve as a kind of court of last resort in cases with wide-ranging social implications on a national scale. This nation is by no means of a single mind-set. It is one where ideas and viewpoints are numerous and varied. I think it appropriate, if not necessary, for our highest court to be similarly diverse mind-set so that it may, in composition at least, embody the tenet of the Constitution that holds that all are created equal.

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